Friday, June 11, 2010

striped top

Jayjays. striped top
This is the top I brought the other night, for the rave this weekend. The best part about this top is that it can be dressed up and down. What do you think coco? It was only five dollars as well, in a clearance bin, I went back to jayjays last night with my friend Tyree and she got a top from there for the rave as well. I was having another look through the clearance bin and they had so much cool stuff there that was really cheap, so I'm thinking I'll come back tomorrow. I brought masks for the rave this morning as well. Mine is blue and black and feathery. I think I'll post photos tomorrow.


  1. I do like the top. I think you can get a lot of mileage out of it. It looks great here with jeans, but I can also see it with a bandage skirt or over a bodycon dress for night. Can't wait to see photos of the rave!

  2. LOVE it rose :) and it was only five bucks!!! im in love with crop tops atm(: & you look hot in that!