Saturday, June 12, 2010

i can't be tamed..

i named this post I can't be tamed for two reasons...

1. I love Miley Cyrus.
and 2. my mask for the rave was feathery and bird like, and in the video clip for this song, miley cyrus is a bird.
As promised here are a few rave pictures, the first are just preparation and the last one is (left-right) Kristy, me and Tyree posing in the mirror at McDonalds. I had so much fun, next time I think I'm going to be less boys more girls though. Heaps of people from school were there and everyone was really friendly, no snobs! The music was way better then last time and I got to be with the boy I like for most of the night. Can't wait for next time(:


  1. i LOVE your mask rose! and that second pic mg yur skin looks so perfect and airbrushed-like. its a really pretty pic(:

  2. yeahh my cameras beauty shot function !