Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sounds Summer.

#1: Coco&Bee sitting.
#2: Coco's peace out.
#3 Coco&Bee being cool.
Coco Here.
So, i was sitting here reminiscing about summer as im sitting in my room, freezing my ass off, and i decided to post a couple of pics i took many months ago when the sun was shining.
These photo's were taken at the sounds in the south island when my mate Bee came down, our usual holiday spot. As you can see, no buildings, cars, or roads. just houses, tractors, boats, batches, trees and the ocean.
If you could see round the corner of the point there, you'd see furneux lodge, a cool bar/restaurant/lodge place, and behind Bee's head is another little resort with a shop. Behind the wharf post is the farm as well. It's the BEST place to go for summer :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

i ♥ Shopping.

On friday when me and Rose when shopping, i picked up this cool striped crop top for $5. 
also in Recycle Boutique i  saw that cute little vintage brown bag for $15 and i had to have it :)
Today im not at school because of a sore throat thats making me sound like a frog-man. delicious huh?
P.S i finished making a dress today that i designed, with that material i got (you know the one Rose?)
might take pictures laters i dunno.

blue is the new black!

I'm having this weird un-characteristic obsession with blue at the moment. I used to have alot of blue in my waredrobe, especially in primary school I think my waredrobe cnsisted of fleece and denim... shudder. However my blue fad faded and it's only now that I've slowy gotten back into it.
The other day when we were shopping i brought a new top.
Even though it's winter and I won't get t wear it out that often because it's a singlet and it's way to cold, I still love it. It's really loose fitted, especially for a small and I love the colour. It's s bright and something I'm not normally attracted to.
What do yu guys think?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rose&Coco's day in town.

Hey all :)
Today, was a good day! Rose and I went into town super early to do some shopping and photo taking. Okay my camera doesnt have the best quality so the photo's arent that great but still. I love that last pic of Rose,  and her bag with the chick on it.
i bought some stuff today, but i'll do a post on that lates. oh and i fuzzed my face out of one of the pics because i look stupid. 
comment. xx

&& Now Rose:
Firstly, naughty coco for spraying out her face.
Today was so fun, I only came in to town with $10 but came back with a new top and a full tummy. LoL We sat outside Mcdonalds eating crepes and avoiding eye contact from the guy who sells k-bars at our school, k-bar kid, and all his friends who were sitting inside Mcdonalds. And then Ryan Kinvig and Elijah walked up to us. We then realized that there were millions of people from our school in town because it was a teachers only day, and spent the last haf of our morning avoiding the stoners of our school, we didn't want to awkwardly run into. lol. Like coco i'm going to post something about what i brought later, but today was so much fun and I love coco's outfit and the awesome backgrounds we found for our photos.
I can't wait for our next outing, maybe the beach??

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I need anyones opinion;
This is the watch i got, as seen in the post a few scrolls down;
and i got some stuff and did a leopard print on it.
i quite like it but, here's the thing; does it actually look like leopard print?
or just black splotches?
should i keep, or get rid of.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i heart rings!

me and coco went shopping. I brought underwear, because they were super cute and I love underwear, lol. The ring you can see in those pictures, which I'd wanted for ages but didn't want to spend all my money on it, although when I saw it in the shop it was 50% SCORE! && I also brought a black sequin head band, which is very effy stonem, skins. And I also brought a pink 'follow you heart' wrist band(:


I do believe in fairies, I do, I do. - Peter Pan.

Today, Me and Rose went to the shopping mall(:
our intention was actually to take pictures for this lovely blog of ours,
but we didnt get around to doing that :P
Instead we were sucked into the shops.
I bought this cute two finger ring from diva for $15. I Heart Tinkerbell!!!
And those watches - i love them!
they were only $5 each, down from $20 each. and i couldnt decide on what colour, so i just got both :D 
I had Heaps of fun today! Thank you Rose(:

Monday, June 14, 2010


Coco&Rose's reflections in the cheap 50c glasses.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

i can't be tamed..

i named this post I can't be tamed for two reasons...

1. I love Miley Cyrus.
and 2. my mask for the rave was feathery and bird like, and in the video clip for this song, miley cyrus is a bird.
As promised here are a few rave pictures, the first are just preparation and the last one is (left-right) Kristy, me and Tyree posing in the mirror at McDonalds. I had so much fun, next time I think I'm going to be less boys more girls though. Heaps of people from school were there and everyone was really friendly, no snobs! The music was way better then last time and I got to be with the boy I like for most of the night. Can't wait for next time(:

Friday, June 11, 2010

striped top

Jayjays. striped top
This is the top I brought the other night, for the rave this weekend. The best part about this top is that it can be dressed up and down. What do you think coco? It was only five dollars as well, in a clearance bin, I went back to jayjays last night with my friend Tyree and she got a top from there for the rave as well. I was having another look through the clearance bin and they had so much cool stuff there that was really cheap, so I'm thinking I'll come back tomorrow. I brought masks for the rave this morning as well. Mine is blue and black and feathery. I think I'll post photos tomorrow.

Coco's Skirt(:

This is the skirt i made in textiles earlier this year.
we had to design and create a skirt, inspired from our favourite decade in the 20th century, while adding modern features to it.
I chose the 80's. I made it out of plain black stretch cotton material, and made a screen print design out of a quote, and printed it onto my skirt. It has pockets on the side, and a Zip on the front for detailing. I'm actually quite proud of this, i really like it and i often don't like the clothes i make, because they don't turn out how i want them to. But this skirt did(: 
Comment and tell me what you think!!

holy crap (:

Holy crap ? more like holy stockings. LAME!
Glee season2 episode2 starts in 3 minutes so I have limited time to write this entry. Although I really wanted to right about my awesome stockings. It's funny because I picked them up one winter morning this week, to wear with my school uniform, because it was freezing, and I was half way out the door when I realized. I ended up taking them off in the car to school, because I was running late and freezing my butt off at school. But as soon as I got home that day, I put them on again, with my raccoon tee, diamond ring and fake chuck. And walked around the house like a punk. I slept in them as well, with my mum's black over sized jumper. I think my sister ripped them up and I really want to know how she can rip them so perfectly, maybe next time she won't use my school stockings though. I'm thinking about wearing these to the rave this weekend with new striped cropped t-shirt I brought last night. Although I know I'll probably end up getting sweaty and not in a hot way, so it'll be more like short shorts and sandals. lol(:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girl Gone Camping(:

LETS GO CAMPING(: if only it was sunny nice weather like in these pics.

I Miss Australia.

These are a few pics from when i was in Australia on holiday, earlier this year.
the first two are of the pool at Diamond Sands, in the gold coast.
i LOVE that place.
Rose, we HAVE to go for our birthdays!
the last picture is on the plane going up, it was early in the morning, and we were getting the sunrise (:
it was sooooo pretty.