Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sounds Summer.

#1: Coco&Bee sitting.
#2: Coco's peace out.
#3 Coco&Bee being cool.
Coco Here.
So, i was sitting here reminiscing about summer as im sitting in my room, freezing my ass off, and i decided to post a couple of pics i took many months ago when the sun was shining.
These photo's were taken at the sounds in the south island when my mate Bee came down, our usual holiday spot. As you can see, no buildings, cars, or roads. just houses, tractors, boats, batches, trees and the ocean.
If you could see round the corner of the point there, you'd see furneux lodge, a cool bar/restaurant/lodge place, and behind Bee's head is another little resort with a shop. Behind the wharf post is the farm as well. It's the BEST place to go for summer :)

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