Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rose&Coco's day in town.

Hey all :)
Today, was a good day! Rose and I went into town super early to do some shopping and photo taking. Okay my camera doesnt have the best quality so the photo's arent that great but still. I love that last pic of Rose,  and her bag with the chick on it.
i bought some stuff today, but i'll do a post on that lates. oh and i fuzzed my face out of one of the pics because i look stupid. 
comment. xx

&& Now Rose:
Firstly, naughty coco for spraying out her face.
Today was so fun, I only came in to town with $10 but came back with a new top and a full tummy. LoL We sat outside Mcdonalds eating crepes and avoiding eye contact from the guy who sells k-bars at our school, k-bar kid, and all his friends who were sitting inside Mcdonalds. And then Ryan Kinvig and Elijah walked up to us. We then realized that there were millions of people from our school in town because it was a teachers only day, and spent the last haf of our morning avoiding the stoners of our school, we didn't want to awkwardly run into. lol. Like coco i'm going to post something about what i brought later, but today was so much fun and I love coco's outfit and the awesome backgrounds we found for our photos.
I can't wait for our next outing, maybe the beach??

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