Friday, June 11, 2010

holy crap (:

Holy crap ? more like holy stockings. LAME!
Glee season2 episode2 starts in 3 minutes so I have limited time to write this entry. Although I really wanted to right about my awesome stockings. It's funny because I picked them up one winter morning this week, to wear with my school uniform, because it was freezing, and I was half way out the door when I realized. I ended up taking them off in the car to school, because I was running late and freezing my butt off at school. But as soon as I got home that day, I put them on again, with my raccoon tee, diamond ring and fake chuck. And walked around the house like a punk. I slept in them as well, with my mum's black over sized jumper. I think my sister ripped them up and I really want to know how she can rip them so perfectly, maybe next time she won't use my school stockings though. I'm thinking about wearing these to the rave this weekend with new striped cropped t-shirt I brought last night. Although I know I'll probably end up getting sweaty and not in a hot way, so it'll be more like short shorts and sandals. lol(:

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