Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing Coco.

Hi, im Coco and welcome to Rose&Coco's blog.
here are a few things that I Love:
I love fashion: shopping, designing, sewing. My dream is to become a big-time fashion designer.
I love to dance, any dancing. I love loud music. I love my friends & family. I love animals. I love summer, beach, bikini's. I love taking photo's. I love sweet things. I love cup cakes with cute pictures. I love teddy bears. I love big rings. I love grunge, ripped jeans, worn out clothing, studs, i love vintage, pink flowers and sparkly bows. I love shoes. I love fat pants. I love hoodies. I love harry potter. I love geeks, I love guys. I love sunglasses. I love movies. 
And thats just to name a few(;
Those pictures up there? That's me. i looked bad in the first two photo's, so when in doubt, I edit the shit out of them. In that second picture i was putting my hair up when mum took the picture, i wasn't just trying to be cool and do a weird pose :)
so i hope you enjoy Rose&Coco's blog. It will be about Us, Life, Fashion, and things we heart. This is just the beginning. Please follow us, and comment. 
With love, 

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