Thursday, July 22, 2010

wearable arts 09

I was looking through my photo's and i came across these ones from our school's wearable arts last year. this is Me&Rose of course & yes Rose is pulling a weird facial but it's the only one i could find of both of us in a full outfit shot. So my outfit is one that i made, and it took FOREVER to collect all those lolly wrappers haha. The bodice is made out of a supre bag and lollipop wrappers, kind of a corset, tied together with coke can tabs and ribbon. the skirt is seperate and is a cotton potato sack with purple plastic bags. And the two wrap around pieces are just lolly wrappers and supre bags tied on at the side. 
 and Rose's dress was made by Herself and our friend Tsehai. It was paper mash├ęd (idk how to spell it but you get the idea), with woven magazine strips on the top, and petals on the skirt. The waist band is lots of long plaited wool.


  1. These are awesome :)