Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business Like.

okay I have a job. Not really a proper one but I'm selling my Uncle's Art cards to art galleries and gift shops around Wellington. My uncle, Evan Barraclough, paints scenes of wellington, and I really like them because they remind me of Summer. But anyway, My auntie who organised all this and my mum have been like to me you have to dress more sophisticated and business like so this morning I went out shopping with my mum and for the first time in ages she actually brought things for. New shoes, black flats (because if I'm walking around wellington all day I have to wear comfortable shoes) & this awesome Blazer. It's was from savemart (an op-shop) and it was only like $19.99. I really love it and the best part is I can wear it casually as well.



  1. eeep rose thats an epic blazer!!!! :D love it!! also im gunna put those pics of you up the tree at imo's and in the same post can you put that one of me by the swing, there was that one cool one i liked?

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