Thursday, July 8, 2010

After Dark

Today was FREEZING. Me & tsehai went into town yesterday, and i got those footless tights in the picture for $5 as well as some other ones, and some grey leggings. We got that leopard material for $10 a metre, so we got a metre and split it in half and overlocked the edges thus making a totally epic scarf only costing $5 :)
today, mum was going into town again for work, so me and Tsehai decided to go again.
i got that black shimmery nail polish, which i love. 
excuse my crap nail-polishing. I dont usually paint my nails.
We also got a Kohl eyeliner pencil in iced jade, which was on sale for $3 down frorm $7, buy one get one free, so only costing us $1.50 each.
go us we rock.
now im broke.


  1. high five to being broke after our two days of shopping :)
    i am SO happy with those tights. <3 best bargain! and yaaay, i love our scarves (: the kids i bbysit couldn't believe we made them, hehe.
    and hell yeah it was freezing! im gonna have the best ever sleep in tomorrow. thankyou for the wonderful two days we had (: xxxx

  2. OMG those tights are amazing! seriously fierce with the leopard too!

    xx raez

  3. really cool nail polish! cute blog btw :)