Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tribal vibes!

the result of two very bored girls, an inspiring polyvore set and pete's emporium.
811. keep holding on, i'll be there for you, there for you...

the set. Okay I just have to say, I really wish I had the sandals in this set and the Wet Seal Dress. They're are both so cute. Anyway, this is a set I made on www.polyvore.com I made it a while ago but only got round to publishing it yesterday morning. I was sitting at home with nothing to do staring at this set and not wanting to toot myown horn or anything I was thinking how awesome this looked. (All the photo's were just perfect together, and I've already told you about how much I loved the shoes and dress.) I was just looking at these photos and felt so inspired to actually do something with my day. The warrior girls in the top left corner were so pretty and awesome looking, I loved the giant feathery mask, below it. The girl with the Polaroid was cute. I loved the anklet feet in the water and the curly hair! I was so hyped up to do something and normally these feelings go to waste I realize I have no money, no one to it with. But along came my Coco and the day went as followed...

 The shoot. Pete's Emporium, I think I can say our new favorite shop. We brought loads of native american/tribal gear and  headed back to my house where we set up. Made the head bands with the feathers, dressed up. Robed my brother into taking a few photos. And then basically got our model on. I'm going to try to remember what we were wearing.
rose wears.
denim jacket. glassons
cotton button up dress. edc
black lace cropped singlet. antz pantz
skirt. Coco original
blue flats. warehouse
assortment of rings
assortment of bracelets
assortment of anklets
coco wears.
brown tank. american apparel
zebra print shirt. supre
floral skirt. glassons
studded tights. cotton on
tan ankle boots. k-mart
small leather bag. recycle boutique
assortment of bangles

we also alternated between our head band with feathers (which we made), the native american headdress, and my feathery mask I wore to the last rave.
awesome day.

p.s. we are planning to do another themed photo shoot. We'd love to get suggestions from you guys(:

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