Monday, August 16, 2010


This is a two finger floating pyramid stud ring that i made last week(:
it was super easy to make, and i love it.
I originally saw one on for 18USD, and i really wanted it, but with me living in NZ and the exchange rate, including postage it would have cost me arou 40NZD. which sucks.
SO i was sooooo happy when isaw a diy on how to make one at


  1. gooosh me to!
    I have my black rosary beads... got sme braceelets with a cross, my ring and those two earings!!
    Kayy when we go shopping i NEED more crosses and Skulls! omg... in love! & i need more money :\
    But we still on for tmo?
    what to do I owe kat $60 & i need money to get my lashes and eyebrows dne this thursday... wow! payday tonight!

  2. nice ring!!

    check out my blog and follow it if you like :)